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Working With You

Our Commitment to You:

  1. Our relationship with you starts with a comprehensive financial plan designed to help you achieve your long-term financial objectives. As part of this plan, we uncover the investment, tax and estate planning aspects of your specific situation.
  2. We strive to serve as your chief financial advisor. As a part of this role, we will coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers. If required, we will also tap into my own network of professionals.
  3. Our investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature. Operating with your risk profile, an investment portfolio will be structured in a way that we believe will help you achieve long term growth without undue risk.
  4. Your portfolio will be monitored on an ongoing basis in an effort to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances. In addition, we will conduct annual review meetings with you to review our progress and make any necessary adjustments to your financial plan.
  5. We will always make ourselves accessible to you.

We believe that our best client is the one that is fully informed. As a result we have a strong commitment to client communication and education. We continually promote education to our clients and to the public through educational opportunities.

Your Commitment to Us:

  1. You will be open and honest with us at all times.
  2. You will contact us with any changes in your life that affect our work together.
  3. You will consider the advice we offer, however we acknowledge your right to accept or reject it.
  4. You or your team will provide us with the information we request within the time-frame agreed upon.
  5. If you have any concerns, you will contact us immediately.
  6. You will respond to our communications as promptly as possible.