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Executive Planning Services

As an executive, what are your personal and financial goals? How about reducing income taxes? Do you have a plan for how you can reach a point in your life when you can choose freely to stop working? Are you worried about the risk associated with having too much of your money in one place, even if it's your own company's stock? Do you know how you are going to pay for your kids' education? How will your money and assets be passed to your spouse and kids for their protection? Do you know how to deal with taxes when exercising your stock options?

Our team of financial professionals can help you answer these questions. We are single-source Financial Advisors, providing our Executive Planning Services exclusively to Directors, V.P.'s, Presidents, and Senior-level executives, like you.

When the time comes will you be able to choose to stop working?  With some planning you can control the freedom to do something else with your time. If you were to retire today, how much monthly income would you need to maintain your lifestyle? Despite the ever-increasing cost of living, that number can be arrived at with our guidance. Your employer may provide you with a solid pension plan, but have you been able to identify all your cash sources? If you were to continue with your current rate of savings, will your retirement money outlast you?

At Wealth Strategies, Inc. our goal is to help you determine how to become financially independent so you have enough money to live on the rest of your life. Obviously, all factors will need to be considered such as your targeted retirement age, your required monthly income, what retirement assets you will have when you stop working, and the growth rate on your money. How much are you saving per year into your 401(k) and 401(a)? Is it enough? We will help you determine how to maximize the benefits from your company's plan. Are you saving enough into alternative retirement funding vehicles? We will help you discover other funding vehicles such as tax-deferred and tax-efficient accounts.

Have you calculated your pension options and determined the best way to optimize your retirement income options? We are prepared to help you consider all your monthly income and survivor options. How much should you expect in after-tax money from your exercised stock options to be included as capital from which retirement income can be generated to you? We can answer this for you by running some numbers.

Do you wonder whether you have all of your eggs in one basket?  We will help you to assess your situation more precisely. What average annual percentage have you received on your investments over the past one, three, five, or ten years? Do you currently have a method to determine when investment changes are necessary? Tracking the return on your money is very important to "fine-tune" where necessary and we are prepared to do so for you. How available is cash should you stop working at a relatively young age?

We will show you how to have ready access to your early retirement investment money. Do you have a plan for how to position your money for the long haul? Given your goals, time frame, and tolerance for risk, as investment advisors we will help you develop a strategy to place your investments in enough asset classes, investment styles, and industries.

Planning your financial future - One of the most important decisions of your life. That's why you need a professional to help guide you through the planning process - a team of professionals you can trust. At Wealth Strategies, Inc. we are prepared to be just that.

We are a team of professionals specifically trained to listen to your personal goals, to work with you in developing strategies that help you meet your financial objectives, and to help manage your assets to keep you on track.

We do all this in the strictest of confidence. We understand that when it comes to your money, there is no substitute for trust.

We have a diverse array of financial planning services at our disposal. Together with you, we'll decide which service(s) to utilize in developing strategies that respond to your individual needs, and as those needs change, we'll change right along with them.

If you are looking for your typical "stock sales jockey", we are NOT the professionals for you. We are, however,  fee-based financial planning professionals, where our remuneration varies based on your specific needs. Because of this, you can be assured that our advice is impartial, putting us in the position to best represent you, the executive, in the planning process. We will also work closely with your existing legal and tax advisors to provide a team effort dedicated to maximizing your opportunities for financial growth.

We work through a planning process to maintain your lifestyle. At Wealth Strategies, Inc. we develop a relationship with you that will continue throughout your life and that of your family. We start this relationship by listening to you and exploring with you your personal goals and financial concerns for the short and long terms. Once this groundwork has been established, we are in a position to begin the financial planning process together.
First, we examine your prior years' taxes, year-to-date pay-stub, current net worth, investment positions, 401(k) and IRA account positions, pension calculations, stock option summary, cash flow, estate documentations, and insurance coverage (including life, disability, health, and property), to establish a baseline for growth.

Once we have established your baseline, we are in a position to help you develop strategies and help implement recommendations we will make to you in order to help you achieve your goals.

After the appropriate strategies are in place, we will continually monitor your progress with you, to help make sure that your expectations are being met and that your lifestyle is being maintained.