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Financial Planning

Client Centered

Our clients choose to have the professionals at Wealth Strategies, Inc. manage their assets in order to obtain ongoing comprehensive financial advice and life planning.  All aspects of a client's financial situation are reviewed.  Realistic and measurable goals are set and objectives to reach those goals are defined.  As goals and objectives change over time, suggestions are made and implemented on an ongoing basis.  

We provide our investment-management clients with convenience and discipline. Most of our clients have delegated the management of their portfolio to us for many years. Many of our clients are busy living their lives -- attending to their careers and pursuing their interests and passions. They wish to benefit from our knowledge and experience, but also to avoid the need to constantly analyze the financial markets and make investment decisions themselves.   

As a Wealth Strategies, Inc. client, our professionals will design an investment plan for you, implement your investment strategy, and monitor your portfolio. We are always available to answer questions that come up. We bring discipline to your financial plan, by helping you choose the investments that are designed to help you achieve your goals, while monitoring your portfolio over time to help ensure that you are on track to reach your objectives. You can delegate your financial decisions to us.  

Since every client has different goals, we do not have a "typical" client portfolio. Instead, your personal situation and particular needs will determine your choice of individual investment profile.  Each portfolio reflects the time horizon, return objectives, risk tolerance, and personal goals of each client.  

Our involvement in your portfolio does not end once your investment decisions are made. Because your needs and goals will change over time, we conduct regular reviews of your portfolio with you to help ensure that your investment objectives are continually being satisfied. 

Our goal is to help our clients plan well, so they feel more confident about achieving their goals.